Week 1

What happens on the call:

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Hi! Here you are! 0:00

Self-Trust Exploration 4:13

Creative Voice meets Self-Trust 14:33

Planning 23:12

Love Note! 31:05


Monday Motivation Video


Writing Prompts

Does self-judgement and self-criticism, wanting myself to be different than I am, make it hard to trust myself? Is that true for me? When is it true? When isn’t it?

Draw a line, on the left note what not trusting yourself feels like and on the right what trusting yourself does feel like, pay special attention to your body sensations

What is one moment in my coming week when it might be difficult to trust myself?

How might I remember self-trust in that moment, especially through the body, the breath, through touching my essential goodness?

What do I believe about who I need to be to write/create the way I want?

If creating as myself, in my voice, was the only way I could create this week, what would I create?

What are your teeny tiny containers for this week? How will you know you began and ended?

What other “pots” or teeny tiny containers do you need this week?

What attention does your heart need this week?

What is one thing I treasure about myself I most want to remember and trust this week?


Name of Poems, Quotes, Music

Don’t Allow the Lucid Moment to Dissolve by Adam Zagajewski

Music is Box Breathing meditation bought through Pond 5

Invisible Wings by Jami Sieber


Insider Resources

The George Saunders book I talked about and the blog post.

Interesting mood music, maybe helpful for creating?

Love me some Chuck Wendig.

These are my go-to organic cotton sweaters. I have one in yellow, gray, black and white striped, red and blue! They launder pretty well but I do wash them on gently and inside out.

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