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Writing Craft

I have been learning to write for 40 years – what can I say, I’m slow! Here are some of my favorites insights, tricks, and craft exercises.

How to Revise: Part Two
How to Revise: Part One
When You’re Struggling to Find Your Voice
The Ladder of Abstraction
Make a List of Excuses for Your Character or Project
What is a Draft and Why you Need Beta Readers
Writing About and Writing To a Reader
What if Being Original Didn’t Matter and Never Did?
Using a Poem to Expand a Project or Write a New Piece
Writing Meditation: Launch A Story
How to Begin a Scene
5 Modes: Practicing State of Mind
5 Modes: Practicing Description
How to handle a lot of ideas & balancing reading and writing time
Working with Fear Micro-Practices + the Power of Lists
Making a list of what you know or learned
4 Ways to Stop Getting Bogged Down in your Writing
How to come out of hiding in your writing
Create Your Own Metaphors to Expand your Thinking
Where does the camera go?
What is Your Work?
The Power of Objects
Parataxis and hypotaxis
A Prayer to Your Writing
Creating a Timeline
Voice & Tone in Writing
What is a Draft and Why you Need Beta Readers
Opening Up a Piece of Writing
Power as a Writer
Claiming your Writer’s Lineage for Inspiration and Focus
Starting a Scene using MadLibs for Writing a Scene
Confused about what you are writing?
Could these weird times be a boon for your writing
What role does Desire play in your writing?
Writing Meditation: Welcome the Critic
Writing Meditation: Cultivating Being to Find Your Writing.
You Are Editing More Than Writing
How to Begin a Scene
My Thoughts on Choosing One Big Project and Why It’s a Good Idea