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Teeny Tiny Containers, Time Anxiety, and How to Start

How do you flow with time rather than fight against it? How do you manage your teeny tiny containers or your “pots?” What do you do when you need to get back to creating or working out or whatever you want to start again? See which topics below speak to you.

Human Scaled Life
Play Is So Many Things!
The Discipline of Self-Care
Self-Compassionate Grit
Joyful Momentum Check-In Process
Self-Trust and Your Natural Doing Style
Next Simple Step
Desires, Goals, and Patterns
How & why to track your writing & thoughts on being seen
How to Stop Grinding to a Halt when you are Writing
How to Make a Project Plan
How to Begin a Scene
Tools and Tricks for Getting More Writing Done
My Thoughts on Choosing One Big Project and Why It’s a Good Idea
Confusion About Self-Care
You Want to Start a Creative Project
What to do When You Have a Big Idea